Terasawayama Station, AFC, Shinshu University

River Basin Research Center, Gifu UniversityEducation and Research Center of Alpine Field Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University


Longitude: 138°2′, Latitude: 35°53′, Altitude: 950-1450 m
Forest area: 228 ha

Covering Fields

Forest Management, Forest Engineering, Forestry, Ecology, Plant physiology, Erosion Control

Field information

The study site is located at the Ina Mountains, northern part of the Akaishi Mountains (Southern Alps), in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The forest is mostly artificial forest (90.5%), including Japanese cypress (51.4%), Japanese larch (29.2%), red pine (17.2%).


Lecture room, Laboratory, Computer room, Forest monitoring tower, Flow gauging weir. The dormitory can accommodate 45 guests.

Contact Us

Address: Minami-Minowa-Mura, Kami-Ina-Gun, Nagano, 399-4598, Japan
Contact person: Hajime Kobayashi: Associate Professor
E-mail: kobaafc[at]shinshu-u.ac.jp
Tel.: +81-265-77-1533
Web site: http://www.shinshu-u.ac.jp/faculty/agriculture/english/institutes/afc/terasawayama.html