Takayama Flux Site(THY), Gifu University

River Basin Research Center, Gifu University


Longtitude: 137°25′, Latitude: 36°08′, Altitude: 1420m
Forest area: 1 ha


Research staffs: Assistant Professor (1), Technical staffs(1)

Covering Fields

Carbon cycle

Field information

Takayama flux site (TKY) is located on the mid slope on Mt. Norikura in the Takayama Forest Research Station, Institute for River Basin Research Center, Gifu University in central Japan. The site is an Asia FluxNet forest and has been measuring CO2 and energy exchange between the forest canopy and the atmosphere since 1993. This site has a seasonal cool-temparate climate. Annual mean air temperature at the site is 7.3℃, annual precipitation is about 2300 mm, distributed evenly throughout the year; snow depth is usually 1-2 m in winter (December-April).


Laboratories (chemical and bioligical rooms), accomodation (25guests), Seminar room, computer room, etc.

Contact Us

Adress: 919-47 Iwai, Takayama, Gifu, 506-0815, Japan
Contact person: Shinpei Yoshitake: Assistant Professor
E-mail: syoshitake[at]green.gifu-u.ac.jp
Tel.: 0577-31-1005
Takayama Flux Site (TKY)
Web site: http://sateco-archive.green.gifu-u.ac.jp/Newhtml/takayama_portal/