Sugadaira Montane Research Center, University of Tsukuba



Longtitude:138°20′50″, Latitude: 36°31′25″ Altitude: 1350 m
Forest area: 35 ha


Professors (2), Associate professor (1), Assistant professor (1), Junior assitant professer (1), Research fellow (1), Chief secretary (1), Technical staff members (3), and Part-time staff menbers (7)

Covering Fields

Biodiversity sicence, Vegetation succession, Carbon cycle change, Anthropod Comparative Embryology, Systematics of fungi, Molecular ecology, population biology

Field information

Sugadaira Montane Research Center, established in 1934, is located on the mountain region of 1,300 m alt. in Nagano Prefecture, central Honshu-Island, Japan. In the extensive campus of the Center (35 ha), a sere of vegetation succession is well preserved, and seral stages of the secondary succession for the last one hundred years are sequentially and chronologically arranged: a Miscanthus grass field (A) - young pine forest (about 35 year-old) (B) - mature pine forest (about 50 year-old) (C) - older deciduous broad-leaved forest (about 100 year-old) (D). Thus well preserved filed, which enables us to observe the secondary vegetation succession and grasp its true image at a glance in such a restricted area, is a very precious being not only in Japan but in the world. Utilizing such a valuable environment, various studies and educational activities in the field sciences concerning the biodiversity, ecosystem, ecodynamics, weather, soil, stream etc. have been conducted by researchers and students from the University of Tsukuba and other domestic and foreign institutes.


The gross area of 35 hectares, which is divided into an arboretum (4.5 ha), grassland section (6 ha), Japanese red pine forest section (8.5 ha), summer-green broad-leaved forest section (14 ha), and facility section (2 ha), are maintained and managed for educational and research use. The buildings in the research center are comprised of Laboratory A (968 m2) and a dormitory (634 m2), which were built in 1969, Laboratory B (639 m2), which was built in 1979, and a warehouse, which was built in 1981. A dormitory can accommodate about 30 guests.


Research biological and stereo microscopes - fluorescence biological and stereo microscopes - Intelligent microscope - education biological and stereo microscopes - scanning electron microscope - transmission electron microscope - ultra- and semithin microtomes - DNA sequencing system - integrated climatological analysis system - 4WD vehicle - tractor - library (about 20,000 items)

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Address:Sugadaira-kogen 1278-294, Ueda, Nagano 386-2204, Japan
Contact person:Kenta Tanaka: Associate professor
Telephon: +81.0268.74.2002
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