Norikura Field Station

Institute of Mountain Science, Shinshu University



Longitude: 137°40′07", Latitude: 36°15′12", Altitude: 1450m

Covering Fields

Agriculture, Forestry, Conservation BiologyGeology, Meteorology, Hydrology, Glaciology, Environmental Science, Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology

Field information

The Norikura Field Station locates on the eastern flank of Mt. Norikura, which are over 3000m in height. Using this significant advantage in the accessibility to the Alpine Zone, the station serves as a base for field research as well as students field practice course. The accommodation capacity of the station is ca.40 persons. The automatic weather station has been installed.


Main Bldg. including five lodging rooms, Dining Room, Dry Room, Automatic Weather Station, Live camera

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