Campus Station, AFC, Shinshu University

Education and Research Center of Alpine Field Science, Faculty of Agriculture


Longitude: 137°56′, Latitude: 35°52′, Altitude: 780 m

Forest area: 15 ha, Farm: 21 ha


Professors (5), Associate Professors (2)

Covering Fields

Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology

Field information

The study site is located in the Minami-Minowa Campus of Shinshu University, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The mean annual precipitation is 1542 mm, and the mean annual temperature is 10.5 °C (1981?2010). A variety of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, beans, buckwheat, feed crops are cultivated in the farm. The forest is mostly artificial forest, and used for a variety of purposes, both for research and education.

Contact Us

Address: Minami-Minowa-Mura, Kami-Ina-Gun, Nagano, 399-4598, Japan
Contact person: Hajime Kobayashi: Associate Professor
E-mail: kobaafc[at]shinshu-u ac jp
Tel.: +81-265-77-1533
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