International Symposium

“Ecological perspective in mountain sciences and climate change”

21th November 2013 (13:00-16:15) @petite hotel SONNTAG, Sugadaira-kogen, Ueda, Japan


Gregory B. Greenwood (Mountain Research Initiative; Institute of Geography,University of Bern)

New Directions of the Mountain Research Initiative


Gaku Kudo (Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University)

Current climate change impacts on alpine ecosystem in northern Japan: vegetation, phenology, and biological interactions


Yowhan Son (Gifu University; Korea University)

Research efforts to narrow the gap between scientific knowledge and policy making in climate change: a small case study at ecosystem ecology lab of Korea University


Tomoya Iwata (University of Yamanashi), Takao Suzuki (Tohoku University), Hisaya Kojima (Hokkaido University), Manabu Fukui (Hokkaido University), Jotaro Urabe (Tohoku University)

Terrestrial subsidies to aquatic food webs in mountain lakes


Tanaka Kenta (Sugadaira Montane Research Center, Univ of Tsukuba)

Altitudinal adaptation of Arabidopsis kamchatica: demography, physiology and genes